BIOF Frescopecora Bio

Soft-ripened Frescopecora Bio with Vegetable Rennet

The freshest and youngest cheese of the entire range of organic products, it is made from a peculiar kind production process, it distinguish itself from the other part of the family for its edible mouldy rind. Selected noble moulds inoculated in the milk give to the paste a delicate creamy taste and the characteristic mouldy cover. The use of vegetable rennet makes this special cheese very attractive to those who follow a vegetarian diet. Especially versatile for cooking it is perfect to those whether tasted at ambient temperature as an appetizer or as a string ingredient of your warm recipes.

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Serving suggestions

Tuscan Rosé
red onion


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Milk Organic EWE – COD. BIOF
Weight Kg 0,600
Cheese Ripening Min 15 days
Packaging 3 wheels/box
Conservation +4°C
Shelf Life 60 days