pecorino con pesto tt

Pecorino with Pesto

In this lively Pecorino cheese, the strong taste of sheep milk is enriched by the freshness of pesto, in a pasisonate marriage of flavours and excellent raw materials.
The Fettedì Pecorino con Pesto di Basilico Genovese PDO give perfumed and fragrant notes to every dish they are combined with, perfect as a snack in a warm focaccia bread, melted inside a delicious savoury tart or on top of string crepes.

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Slices 6 slices/tray
Weight 100 g fixed weight
Instruction for use for an optimal flavour, remove from the fridge 15 minutes before consumption
Packaging 8 trays/box
Conservation 0°/+4° C
Shelf Life 50 days