TT CNEM fettedi

Caciotta Toscana

It is a traditional Tuscan recipe and it is produced with 100% Italian cow and sheep milk. It conquers all, young and old alike, for its sweetness and smoothness. Excellent in sandwiches and focaccia bread for a tasty snack, it is a precious ally in the kitchen thanks to its versatility. It’s with warm recipes that it gives its best, because of its very easy melting.
The Fettadì Caciotta Toscana are perfect to give creaminess and enrich delicious first dishes as the classic oven cooked lasagne.

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Slices 6 slices/tray
Weight 100 g fixed weight
Instruction for use for an optimal flavour, remove from the fridge 15 minutes before consumption
Packaging 8 trays/box
Conservation 0°/+4° C
Shelf Life 50 days