impasto pizza 16x25
30 minutes
Cooking time
Doses for
1 person


  • 300 g white flour (italian 0)
  • 200 g manitoba flour
  • 400 g water
  • 3 g brsheepr’s yeast (1,5 g dry yeast)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 11 g salt
  • 1/2 tablespoon sugar


Sift and mix flours for a total quantity of 500 g. Dissolve half the yeast in a little
amount of water if you are using fresh yeast, alternatively add half of the dry yeast
to 400 g of the mixed flour. Add sugar, stir and add the water. Mix with a spoon.
The dough should be soft and sticky. Stir for a few seconds to blend all Ingredientss,
then cover the dough with the plastic film and let it rise at a temperature of
about 22°C in the oven for 6-8 hours until the dough has tripled its volume.
At this point start working the dough in order to strengthen the gluten. You can
proceed either by hand or with a stand mixer

If you work the dough by hand

On a work surface pour the rest of the mixed flours (100 g) and the dry yeast (if
you are using the fresh one dissolve it in some water). Add the pre-ferment and,
using a scraper, beat the dough on the surface. Lift the far edge of the dough
and fold the mass in half towards you, then turn the dough and fold it many times
without adding more flour. Gently press the dough down and away from you with
your hands. The strands of gluten will start tightening up and getting into line.
When you see that the dough will start pulling away from the work surface and
look more compact, add a spoon of oil and the salt. Beat the dough and fold it
many times with the scraper until you obtain a soft and not tacky dough. It will take
approximatively 10 minutes.

If you work the dough with a stand mixer

Add the pre-ferment in a stand mixer, add the 100 g flour and the yeast (if you are
using the fresh one dissolve it in some water). Use the whisk K and mix at medium
speed. After a few seconds the dough will tighten up. Turn upside down, let it mix
with the hook and then add oil and salt. Continue to turn with the hook for a few
more seconds, then the dough will be ready.
Now pour the prepared dough on a work surface covered with flour. Add more
flour little by little. Fold in three, folding the first edge on the other. If the dough is
too soft, dust with flour and fold once again. Repeat folding and pressing until the
dough is smooth and elastic. The amount of flour needed depends on a number of
factors. Sprinkle with flour, wrap with a plastic film and let rise at room temperature
for about 1 hour.
After this time, the dough should look smooth and elastic.
It is now ready to prepare your pizza.

What is needed:

some bowls
plastic wrap
pastry board or stand
mixer or dough
kneading machine