BIOR Pecorino Stagionato Bio a Latte Crudo

Raw Milk Pecorino Stagionato Bio

The Organic Mature Pecorino is produced with our best fresh milk used in its raw state. This peculiar technique allows a limited but high quality production, where the milk’s microbial flora is not destroyed by the warming process and acts positively on the cheese qualitative and organoleptic characteristics keeping intact the perfumes, the scents and the flavors of the original grazing. During the maturation, on spruce wooden boards, the cheese is regularly turned and the rind is brushed by hand, in order to allow the growth of its typical mouldy cover. The production is suspended in autumn with a possible lack of the products in the first months of the new year.

Serving suggestions

Bolgheri Superiore
Belgian Quadrupel


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Milk Organic EWE – COD. BIOR
Weight Kg 2,200
Cheese Ripening Min 90 days
Packaging 2 wheels/box
Conservation Cool and dry place
Shelf Life 180 days