Marzolino Bio BIOM

Pecorino Marzolino Bio with Vegetable Rennet – Lactose Free

Faithful to the tradition of this special pecorino we haven’t changed both his unique trapezoidal shape and the ancient recipe. In order to answer to nowadays consumers’ needs and being very attentive on nutrition and wellness topics, we have made this variation lactose free especially thinking about those who are intolerant to this sugar without losing the traditional pecorino’s taste. The paste is tender, sweet, slightly acid. The rind is treated with organic tomato paste that gives to the cheese its characteristic red colour. The use of vegetable rennet makes it suitable for vegetarians.

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Serving suggestions

Tuscan Rosé IGT Sangiovese
cherry and ginger


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Milk Organic EWE – COD. BIOM
Weight Kg 1,000
Cheese Ripening Min 20 days
Packaging 3 wheels/box
Conservation Cool and dry place
Shelf Life 120 days