Pecorino Curcuma e Pepe BUSTI

Pecorino Turmeric and Peppercorn with Vegetable Rennet

This pecorino is the result of an intriguing blend between peppercorn and curcuma, well known as the “saffron from India”, a spice with remarkable beneficial properties. The taste is similar to curry but curcuma’s flavor is slightly bitter and spicy, together with the peppercorn it gives to the cheese all its aroma, the result is an enchanting and rich pecorino. The paste is of an intense yellow colour due to the curcuma’s natural colouring effect, enriched with black pepper grains. The use of vegetable rennet makes this unique pecorino the perfect choice for those who follow a vegetarian lifestyle.

Serving suggestions

Scottish Strong Ale


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Milk Organic EWE – COD. BIOC
Weight Kg 1,000
Cheese Ripening Min 20 days
Packaging 3 wheels/box
Conservation Cool and dry place
Shelf Life 120 days