TT ZAPF fettedi

Pecorino with Saffron

Thanks to its bright colour given by the saffron pistils left soak in milk during production, this Pecorino cheese enriches every recipe and makes it tasty to both palate and sight. Perfect to give a special note to platters and buffets, excellent also to fill a sandwich with fresh vegetables in season or local salami.
With the aromatic and refined taste and the characteristic gold yellow texture, the Fettedì Pecorino con Zafferano will bring good mood and will cheer up any dish!

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Slices 6 slices/tray
Weight 100 g fixed weight
Instruction for use for an optimal flavour, remove from the fridge 15 minutes before consumption
Packaging 8 trays/box
Conservation 0°/+4° C
Shelf Life 50 days