FB TARP pecorino con tartufo fettedi

Pecorino with Truffle

The intense and unique aroma of truffle is the distinctive feature of this traditional Tuscan recipe, which witnesses the strong connection with our land and its raw materials.
The unmistakable touch of truffle gives elegance and personality even to the most rustic sandwiches, for a quick but gourmet meal. Definitely woth trying the Fettedì Pecorino con Tartufo melted on top of the classic fried egg or in a tasty risotto.

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Slices 6 slices/tray
Weight 100 g fixed weight
Instruction for use for an optimal flavour, remove from the fridge 15 minutes before consumption
Packaging 8 trays/box
Conservation 0°/+4° C
Shelf Life 50 days